One pair to rule them all

Our ARC Steady varifocal lenses are perfect for any occasion.

ARC Steady

Fully personalised lens with a perfect balance between distance and near visual fields.


Our flagship varifocal lens design, a personalised lens for an all-purpose use, using the latest lens technology. Using the latest cutting edge technology this new lens design uses dual surface Camber technology to achieve superior prescription accuracy. By utilising both sides of the lens with specific, personalised measurements we can produce one of the most advanced lens designs on the market.

Camber Technology

Introducing Camber Technology

One of the most advanced digital lens design technology available today.

Camber technology combines the sophistication and engineering of the unique Camber lens blank with a full range of renovated and optimized digital designs on the back surface. Camber’s variable base curve significantly reduces abnormalities because of its pure and unique geometry, while Digital Ray- Path® technology, compensates and optimizes the back surface of the lens to enhance distance, intermediate and near visual fields. Each wearer receives a fully personalized dual side lens that is more functional and comfortable to wear.

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