Soothe operators

Our Serene occupational lenses are designed to combat visual fatigue.


An innovative personalise lens designed to reduce visual fatigue.

Let your eyes rest when reading, working with computers or playing video games. Serene is an anti-fatigue design that has been calculated to reduce visual fatigue produced by a continuous accommodating effort.

When working constantly at near distance, muscles that surround the crystalline lens become tired, and this may result in visual fatigue. The most common symptoms are eye redness, pain, dryness or even headaches.

Serene reduces the weakening process of the mentioned muscles  because it provides the wearer with a small touch of power in the bottom part of the lens.

Introducing Smart Add Technology

Smart Add technology has been specifically designed for single vision and progressive lens wearers to improve the visual experience when using electronic devices.

Technology has become an ever present in many of our lives and have resulted in new visual needs. When reading on electronic devices, we need to focus on small details more accurately, we change the focus at different distances more frequently, even our position is affected.

Smart Add technology offers wearers superior comfort and an improved visual experience when using electronic devices.

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