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Our ZONE Mobile varifocal lenses are specially adapted for mobile devices.

ZONE Mobile

Freeform varifocal lens with an extended visual field.

The introduction of electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in our lives has led to an increase in the frequency with which we find the need to switch between near and distance vision. Developed for a daily use and specifically for users of electronic devices thanks to Smart Add, this design provides wide visual fields for both near and distance visionĀ  combined with a smooth transition which facilitates switching between them. The design also includes a shorter progression profile to make the transition from distance to near vision even easier.

Introducing Smart Add Technology

Smart Add technology has been specifically designed for single vision and progressive lens wearers to improve the visual experience when using electronic devices.

Technology has become an ever present in many of our lives and have resulted in new visual needs. When reading on electronic devices, we need to focus on small details more accurately, we change the focus at different distances more frequently, even our position is affected.

Smart Add technology offers wearers superior comfort and an improved visual experience when using electronic devices.


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